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Statistical packages for environmental process modeling and analysis. The copyrighted programs on this page have been developed by Nhu D. Le and Jim V. Zidek together with their students and research partners.

Contents: The packages are contained in the following subdirectories.


The programs and packages on this page help implement the theory presented in the book by Nhu D Le and James V Zidek, published by Springer in 2006. It includes modules for building a hierarchical space-time process models, designing or redesigning process monitoring networks, health impact analysis, and spatial prediction under various missing data scenarios.

Dynamic linear model for space-time processes.

Software on this page implements a dynamic linear model for modelling hourly levels of an environmental hourly space-time process. That software, developed by Yiping Dou, includes both 24hr and 12hr daily cycles and samples from the posterior parameter as well as predictive distributions for a dynamic linear model.

Bayesian melding.

Software on this page implements a method developed by Adrian Raftery and his co-investigators for combining deterministic and statistical models with emphasis on environmetrics application. That software was developed by Zhong Liu.

PIMS Graduate Institute on Space-Time Modeling Notes

Lectures on this page are for the PIMS Grad Intitute at the U of Washington that was set up in the summer of 2007. This is not a complete set for the lectures and labs.

Note: We hope users will find the working versions of these packages of value. At this time, we are unable to provide support and advice for it but help files will eventually become available.





The packages are provided free of charge and come with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. The packages are developed based on publicly available software, as well as computer codes provided by other researchers free of charges as explicitly noted in the package.

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